Palythoa and Zoanthid Corals (Palys & Zoas) are known as “flowers of the reef” and are among the most popular and easy-to-keep corals. Both Palys and Zoas are hardy soft corals without a calciferous skeleton making them more tolerant to swings in alkalinity, calcium, and magnesium when compared to other corals. In addition, when properly acclimatized, they can thrive in many different levels of lighting. While Palythoa and Zoanthid Corals are ideal for those just beginning the hobby, due to the mind blowing variety of colors and patterns achievable with Palys and Zoas, they are highly sought after by advanced aquarists as well.

Once acclimated, your Palys and Zoas will grow and reproduce rapidly, allowing you to quickly acquire a beautiful garden. That said, while not aggressive, some types of Palythoa and Zoanthid Corals grow so quickly they can become invasive and outgrow, then overgrow other corals. So keep a watchful eye and know both Palys and Zoas do best when attached to living rocks. 

It’s worth noting that some Palythoa and Zoanthid Corals contain a dangerous neurotoxin called palytoxin which can be harmful, or even deadly, if it comes into contact with your bloodstream. Take special care when handling these corals both in and out of water and be sure to wear gloves if you have any cuts on your hands. 

From Killer Flamingo Palys to Fruit Loop Zoas, the color combinations and patterns available in Palythoa and Zoanthid Corals are practically unlimited. Scroll down to explore all the beautiful Palys and Zoas we have to offer.

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