Mushroom and Ricordea Corals are extremely hardy soft corals that can thrive in less than ideal water conditions, so if you’re new to the hobby or still fine-tuning your set up, these are the perfect corals for you. Mushrooms and Ricordea can be found in a wide variety of vibrant colors and sizes and their durability makes them an excellent addition to any aquarium.  

Mushroom and Ricordea Corals grow best towards the bottom of the tank in low to medium lighting and low, indirect water movement. However, Mushroom and Ricordea Corals are extremely forgiving when it comes to tank placement. In fact, it’s easy to tell if they like where they are because they will expand in cap size a few days after being placed. If your corals don’t respond to their new home, they are easy to relocate to another location in your tank where they can blossom.

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