Anemones are one of the most fascinating creatures you can keep in your tank. Equal parts flower, venus fly trap, and alien, Anemones require a mature tank that can maintain strict water parameters. If you’ve had sustained success keeping corals (especially SPS Corals), you are likely ready to invite these strange and wonderful creatures into your life. 

Because Anemones are a single organism instead of a colony, they are much more sensitive to change than other corals, and every species of Anemone has its own special needs that must  be researched and strictly maintained to achieve success. That being said, all Anemones need high quality water that is free of debris with high levels of dissolved oxygen and constant temperature, salinity, pH and alkalinity levels. Phosphate, ammonia and nitrite levels should be as close to 0 as possible and nitrate should be no more than 2 ppm. Maintaining these standards can be difficult for a new tank so we recommend you allow your tank to “mature” for six months to a year before attempting to keep Anemones.

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